Wellness Travel – Trips that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.

Trip Styles

Budget Travel

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All we need is some peace of mind and a lot of times, you can get that for free! From backpacking tips to indulging yourself with wellness activities within the budget, we got it all in-store for you!

Luxury Travel

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What makes your wellness vacation luxurious? Exclusive location, world-class cuisine, exceptional service? Join us as we discover the best desinations for a special vacation that’s worth every dime.

Business Travel

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Work travels are fun but you seldom have the time to enjoy the moment! Work shouldn’t keep you from having zen on your business trips. Learn how to find wellness in a hectic work schedule.

Wellness Resorts and Spa

The Blisspointers Top Wellness Resorts

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Bora Bora
Bali, Indonesia
tropical ocean hut
El Nido, Palawan

How to Plan a Wellness Travel?

Choose your travel buddy
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Solo Travel
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Group Travel
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Family Travel
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Senior Travel
Choose your travel activity
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Spa Retreat
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Island Excursions
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Solo Travel Trekking
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The Ultimate Guide on How to Wellness Travel for Digital Nomads

Because we are not just all about play and enjoying the freedom to work on the road! We are also responsible to take good care of our mind and body, and everything else in between that gives us the peace of mind to reap the benefits of this rewarding experience.

Top Wellness Travel Posts

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