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15 Amazing Cash Back Credit Cards for Travel 2021

Did you know most credit cards charge 3% on all transactions you make in foreign currency? If you spent $1000 while abroad, that’s an extra $30 expense! The best credit cards don’t charge these fees, so you can transact normally in any local currency. A good credit card is a necessity for frequent international travelers …

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Early Retirement Calculator for FIRE Movement

Read our disclaimer here. ContentsHow to Use this CalculatorAssumptionsWhat is the FIRE Movement?How to Get Started Investing How to Use this Calculator Enter your salary Enter your current investment savings balance Use the slider to change your desired retirement date (or savings rate) See results and set your budget accordingly Assumptions You can retire when your …

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How to Buy US Stocks from the Philippines Without Fees

You don’t have to be American to benefit from the strongest economy in the world. Filipinos can build wealth by investing in American stocks, but what’s the best way to do it? Most Filipinos turn to traditional banks such as Banco De Oro or BPI, who charge unnecessary management fees and set large initial deposit …

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How to Retire Early with Average Income

ContentsHow Anyone Can Get Rich QuicklyRetirement DiagnosisMotivation to SaveInflation: The Invisible ThiefRisks of InvestingKnow Your Net Worth, and Why it MattersRetirement Budget: The 4% RuleRetirement Goal: 25x Your Current Annual BudgetWhat About Social Security Benefits?Retirement ExampleHow Long Will it Take You to Retire?How to Retire FasterTips to Reduce Living CostsTips to Increase Net WorthConclusionEasy Retirement …

piggy bank stock investing
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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Stocks?

ContentsGaining the Courage to InvestStock Market Psychology1. Variety of Investments2. Across TimeOvercoming Our Financial TraumaWhy Do Stocks Recover?Smart Investors Embrace Stock Market CrashesWhen is the right time to buy stocks?When should I sell my stocks?Conclusion Gaining the Courage to Invest As an accounting student, I was inspired by the movie The Big Short, which tells …

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The Bliss Formula

ContentsOur recipe for blissFinancial AwarenessNutritionTravelMindfulnessBliss Hacks Our recipe for bliss Blisspointers have a recipe for happiness, and it’s pretty simple: Financial Awareness Nutrition Travel Mindfulness These ingredients act like building blocks, supporting each other to help us reach higher levels of bliss. Financial Awareness It’s hard to experience bliss if money is causing us stress. …