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How to Use this Calculator

  1. Enter your salary
  2. Enter your current investment savings balance
  3. Use the slider to change your desired retirement date (or savings rate)
  4. See results and set your budget accordingly


  • You can retire when your investments are 25x your annual cost of living
  • 10% annual return on investments (ROI)
  • 4% annual withdrawal rate during retirement
  • 3% wage growth and inflation rate
  • No change to cost of living in retirement
  • Cost of living includes taxes
  • No social security benefits

Feel free to check my math!

What is the FIRE Movement?

FIRE stands for “Financial Independence Retire Early”. It involves saving aggressively by controlling your cost of living, and growing your wealth quickly. This method has helped countless people earn their way to financial freedom while they’re still young. We all wish we could travel the world and spend countless hours with our family without having to consult our boss. That’s the motivation behind FIRE. By achieving financial independence, you’ll gain the freedom to make the most of every day by pursuing things that really matter to you.

How to Get Started Investing

We have a guide on investing for retirement that you should read if you’re a beginner. There are many commission-free brokers and apps you can use to start investing. You can even open self directed retirement accounts that protect you from certain taxes. If you look for an advisor to help you, make sure it’s a fiduciary. That means they always have to put your interests first, rather than earning commissions from selling you unnecessary things. Unfortunately, not all financial advisors are fiduciaries.

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