Welcome to Blisspointers! We designed this website to connect with nature-oriented people like us, and discover blissful experiences together.

We’re Reinventing the Bliss Point

Bliss point was a concept created by junk food corporations who engineered the perfect combination of sugar, fat, and salt to maximize addictiveness. Watch this video if you’re interested in learning why junk food is so irresistible! We want to turn this idea into something positive, applying the same method toward life with a health-conscious twist. Blisspointers relentlessly search for the perfect formula of ideas, products and activities that drive our happiness, health and hunger for life.

Find Your Bliss

Use this website to find ideas for wellness travel, herbal remedies, personal finance and other personal growth topics. These are the things that work for us, but we would love to hear what works for you! We post articles about all the things that help us get closer to our goal. Happy Blisspointing!

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