When you buy milk or bread, what’s the first thing you check? You look for the expiration date. It’s just common sense to make your food last longer. Now imagine if you could do that with your cell phone data. Enter GOMO, a new mobile provider offering data that never expires!


How to save money on cell phone data in the Philippines

If you live in the Philippines, and you want the cheapest mobile data, you should check out GOMO. It’s a new cellular service provider that operates on the Globe network, and uses an innovative payment structure called ‘Mo Creds to keep track of your balance. The main advantage is whatever data, texts, or minutes you buy do not expire like most cell phone plans. This helps me save money because I rarely use up all my data with traditional promos. I can use my phone here and there without worrying if I’m paying for services I don’t use. Later in this article I will compare GOMO to its competitors so you can decide if it’s right for you.

How to get GOMO

Getting started is easy. Just head to gomo.ph and order a SIM card, which takes a couple weeks to arrive, and only costs P299 preloaded with 25 gigabytes (or 30 GB with limited-time promo). When you run out, it’s easy to top up your account via the GOMO app, which allows you to pay with Gcash or credit card.

GOMO vs. Globe & Smart

Here is how GOMO’s data prices stack up against seven-day data promos from Globe and Smart:

GOMOGlobe Go 90Smart GIGA Video 99
₱11.96 per GB₱11.25 per GB₱49.50 per GB

Can you see why GOMO is the clear winner here? If you use Globe’s Go 90 promo, no matter how much data you use, your promo expires after 7 days. What if you only use half your data allocation by the time your promo expires? Globe will pocket the difference and you just doubled your cost per gigabyte! What a great deal… for them!

I appreciate GOMO’s service so much because it’s sensible. I’m in complete control of what I pay, because I only pay for what I use. I no longer feel the need to binge youtube videos toward the end of my promo just so the data doesn’t go to waste. GOMO’s no-nonsense approach is what makes it the cheapest mobile data provider in the Philippines.


There is one catch though. Talk time & texting is pricey. Since I primarily use apps for calls and messaging, this isn’t much of an issue for me, but it’s worth mentioning.

Converting ‘Mo Creds

‘Mo Creds work just like a load balance, except they’re automatically stored as gigabytes of data. If you need talk time & texting, you can convert your unused data balance (‘Mo Creds). Like ‘Mo Creds, talk time & texts have no expiry so you can wait as long as you want to use them. The rates are as follows:

(As of March 2021)

  • 0.2 GB for 30 texts (PHP 0.08 per text)
  • 0.4 GB for 6 minutes (PHP 0.8 per minute)
  • 0.5 GB for combo of 50 texts & 5 minutes (25% off)

GOMO’s talk time is expensive at PHP 0.8 per minute, so if you make lots of phone calls it may not be right for you. I keep multiple SIM cards to get around this issue, but I use calling so infrequently it’s not worth paying for two plans. Instead, I just convert my data on the rare occasion I have to make a call.


I think GOMO offers a great product for the digital age because it solves a problem that has frustrated me ever since I started using smartphones. I have a hunch that, like me, many people regularly overpay for their mobile service. Until now, there wasn’t an option that aligned with their usage patterns. I hope more people will discover GOMO, and see that there is a better way to transact with mobile service providers.


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