Dried Schisandra Berry

We love it for..

Balancing Hormones, Antioxidant

Schisandra ranks along with other Chinese tonic herbs as an excellent tonic and restorative. It helps in stressful times and increases zest for life.

Why We Love It

The berries tone the kidneys and sexual organs, protect the liver, strengthen nervous function, and cleanse the blood. The name wu wei zi means “5-flavored herb,” since this herb reputedly tastes of the 5 main elemental energies. It has a sour, salty, and slightly warm taste.

Research Resources

Scientific NameSchisandra chinensis (Schisandraceae) / Wu Wei Zi (Chinese)
DescriptionAn aromatic woody vine reaching up to 26 ft (8 m), with pink flowers and spikes of red berries.
ConstituentsLignans (schizandrin, deoxyschizandrin, gomisin), Triterpeneso, Volatile oil, Vitamins C and E
Habitat & CultivationNerve tonic, Adaptogenic, Protects liver
Parts UsedFruit helps the body to cope with stress
CautionsLarge doses can cause heartburn. Can interact with some medicines. Take only on professional advice, if taking prescribed medicines.